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Northern Bavarian NMR Centre (NBNC)

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Overview of our equipment

The research group is equipped, inter alia, with the following devices:

  • NMR spectrometer via North Bavarian NMR Centre
  • LCMSn: Bruker Ion Trap HCTultra with Knauer UHPLC
  • NIR: Bruker MPA NIR spectrometer (transmission, reflection, fibre probes)
  • IR: Bruker alpha MIR with diamond ATR unit (with flow cell)
  • Automatic titrator Mettler-Toledo T70 (aqueous and organic; 2 dosing modules, incl. KF titration)
  • Refractive Index and Density: Mettler-Toledo RX-50 and DX45 with Autosampler
  • Conductivity: Mettler-Toledo SevenCompact Conductivity
  • pH/Ion-selective probes: Mettler-Toledo SevenCompact pH/Ion
  • UV-Vis: Analytic Jena Specord 40
  • Viscometer: Anton Paar AMVn
  • Polarimeter: Jasco P2000
  • Deodorizer for oils (self-made)
  • Extraction analysis and vacuum concentration
  • Freeze-drying
  • Various mills and crushing tools (incl. in liquid nitrogen), centrifuges, vacuum filtration, mixers, etc.

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