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Northern Bavarian NMR Centre (NBNC)

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NMR Spectrometer NBNC

The NBNC currently houses more than a dozen NMR spectrometers, including the world’s most powerful NMR spectrometer (Bruker 1 GHz AEON NMR spectrometer) that is independent of permanent He-refills. This instrument is capable of performing measurements in liquid as well as in solid phase.

The NBNC further runs

  • a900 MHz AEON NMR spectrometer equipped with a TCI-CryoProbe,
  • a 600 MHz wide bore NMR spectrometer for solid-state NMR,
  • a Stellar field cycling NMR spectrometer,
  • a 300 MHz NMR spectrometer equipped for 129Xe hyperpolarization experiments

as well as several other NMR spectrometers between 700 MHz and 300 MHz.

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