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Höchstauflösende NMR-Spektroskopie in Lösung und im Festkörper – 1 GHz AEON NMR Spektrometer (Gerätekategorie I):

The Bruker 1 GHZ AEON NMR spectrometer is one of the most powerful spectrometers in the world. In fact, it is the only instrument on the word that is independent of regular refills with liquid nitrogen and liquid helium for cooling purposes. Therefore, time limitations due to the cryogen refill-cycle are obsolete on this instrument. Due to its high magnetic field strength of 23,4 Telsa and the adjacent proton resonance frequency of 1000 MHz this instrument allows measurements at highest sensitivity and resolution. The instrument was granted to University of Bayreuth in 2011 in a competitive process by the “Wissenschaftsrat” and the „GWK (Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz) von Bund und Ländern“. Since 2016 it is in operation.

The 1 GHz NMR spectrometer can measure samples either in solid phase or in liquid phase (after change of probes). 

Further information regarding research and publications can be found on the web-sites of the individual Chairs.

Regarding access to spectrometers members of the NBNC are requested to contact the person in charge for the relevant instrument as listed in the intranet.

Any other request shall be directed at the management of the NBNC.

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